uCorder IRDC250 – Wearable Video Camera, Recorder, and PC Webcam in One

With so many gadgets and other techie stuffs being sold both locally and online these days, at times it could be really difficult to pick which one to buy. People buy gadgets for different reasons. Some buy out of curiosity, others buy just to be in, a few buy to complete their gadget collections, but of course, many buy because they find such gadget not just a luxury but also a necessity either at home, at work, or for personal use. Gadgets with multi-purpose for one are very in demand. It’s because people not only get to save money from buying them but these also bring them so much convenience just like this uCorder IRDC250.

uCorderThe uCorder IRDC250 is a wearable video camera, recorder, and PC webcam in one. At 3.5″ height, you can practically bring it anywhere, whether at the beach, park, school, office, and during important events, without worrying about carrying extra weight unlike in other types of video recorders. It’s made portable so you can wear it while recording videos and audio and upload them anytime to your laptop or PC. And to make sure you record the blow-by-blow account, it is built-in with 2GB memory plus you can use a Micro SD of up to 8GB for more hours of recording.

Now, after recording, easily transfer your videos onto your computer with the uCorder’s USB interface. No worries, these will be recorded as AVI standard files so you can practically watch them on any media player. And if you do Internet chatting, no need to use a separate PC webcam as this comes ready for such purpose.

The uCorder IRDC250 is really a multi-purpose gadget. To buy one, simply click here for more options.

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