Two New Walkman Music Players for You

eseroesGetting a music player nowadays is almost a must for students. You know to pass the time when you are waiting for your professor or maybe when you just want to be a bum. But with the belt tightening measures of parents, we can’t just ask for an iPod just so easily. So why not ask for these new Walkman players from Sony?

The newly released music players from Sony is catered for the entry-level market. The new E and B series of  Walkman players would be priced relatively cheap to accommodate more users but don’t expect touch screens, applications and games or even WiFi. These are like players designed to play music and videos (for the E series) and do it nicely.

The E series is a video mp3 player. Having that said, it can play 30 hours of music at 128kbps or 6 hours of 384kbps MPEG-4 encoded video. It has a 2.0″ high quality LCD screen to display that newly downloaded music video of yours.

bsewriesThe B series on the other hand is like a flash drive type mp3 player designed to be a no fuss music player suited for active people. Transfer of songs is very easy through “drag-and-drop”. Even with this little device, 18 hours of music can be expected with its battery.

Given that Sony is a long time audio equipment maker, expect great sound quality even for these entry level music players.

The E series is available in black and red while the B series is available in pink, red, orange and black.

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