Twilight Umbrellas Keep You Dry in Style

Instead of using that old, boring umbrella [though it keeps you relatively dry on rainy days], why not try one with a style? Take a look at these Twilight Umbrellas! Cool gadgets, eh?

twilight umbrellas

These three sparkling rain-beaters will surely get you a little extra attention as you are strolling down the sidewalk on a rainy day. These umbrellas aren’t new. They originally made their appearance a couple of years back but they have been modernized a bit and the lights have been moved around a little.

The first and the cheapest style is the Blue Stars Umbrella that is studded with a galaxy of tiny blue fibre optic lights. It stays blue all the time. The second is the Colour Phasing Stars Umbrella that rotates between five different color combinations and shines out the top like the Blue Stars. The last and the most expensive among the three is the Inside and Out Phasing Stars Umbrella that also flashes through five different colors, but this time, it shines down on you in addition to having the lights on the top of the umbrella.

Guaranteed to brighten up the rainiest of days, these umbrellas have an automatic open button and require three AAA batteries [per umbrella] to work. For sure, you’ll never care even if the weather forecast says “there will be scattered rain showers during the day”, because you’ve got an umbrella covered in flashing, twinkling, color-changing lights.

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