TV Remote Control Jammer

RemoteJammerThe television is the entertainment center of our homes. It is also one of the most heated issues amongst family members primarily on what channel to watch. But do you always have thought about having the power to nullify all the controlling powers of the remote control to make it stay on the channel you are watching right now and see your sister try in vain just to change the channel? Well, your dream has just been granted by some genius having your exact same ideas through this TV Remote Control Jammer.

The TV Remote Control Jammer basically works like a dead spot for your remote control. You just have to press the big button right smack in the middle of the jammer and waves of interference will block your remote from changing that channel. This gives you the power to enjoy your favorite channel a little bit longer or just for the fun of seeing your family members get frustrated from the remote that never works on them. This is a great practical joke since your parents might even try changing the batteries a couple of times just to fail miserably. This remote control jammer not only works for TVs but also for other infrared remote controlled devices like stereo, DVD, CD player etc.

You could easily pocket this thing with its small 6.5 x 5 x 2 cm dimensions and has three AAA batteries included for instant interference action. Get this Paladone Remote Controlled Jammer for just $9.57. Quite cheap if you think about the priceless reaction of your family members when the remote doesn’t work when they use it.

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