Turbo-charge your Gmail Experience with Gboard

If you are an avid Gmail user, you will need a programmable keyboard like the Gboard at one point. Why is that so? Because it makes a huge difference to your daily access of Google’s email service.
Basically, a programmable keyboard can be configured to perform a variety of custom commands with the use of hot keys. Thus, this is especially useful to online gamers. But for those who are regularly using Gmail, what they need is a programmable keyboard that eliminates the need for them to memorize those keyboard shortcuts. And this is what the Gboard intends to do.

To use the Gboard, simply connect it to any free USB port on your desktop computer or laptop. If you are an Apple user, better close or cancel your keyboard set-up assistant first by hitting the red button on the top right of the dialog box. Once done, enable the KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS within your Gmail settings, which is located under the GENERAL tab. Note: Gboard does not work without shortcuts enabled. So, make sure to perform this critical step. After this, the Gboard will now activate your desired shortcuts, and you can start using it to access Gmail.

Anyway, here’s more information about the Gboard:

The good:
• No setup required
• Color coding is logical and makes it easy to learn the keys
• Good build quality and feel; keys are flat like on a laptop
• At $19.99 it’s not that expensive. Most numeric-only keyboards cost about the same.

The bad:
• Does not come close to including all of Gmail’s shortcuts
• Could be rendered less useful if Gmail’s shortcuts change
• Only comes in one color (black)

The Gboard is a product that Gmail users will either love or hate. For those who want to turbo-charge their Gmail experience, this will sure do the trick. But for those who have already mastered Gmail’s shortcuts, they can always look at other programmable keyboards at Amazon for more options.

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