Troubleshoot, Analyze, and Optimize with Wi-Spy 2.4i Spectrum Analyzer

c240_wi_spy_2_4i_spectrum_analyzerTo know what’s wreaking havoc on your wireless networks, a spectrum analyzer is needed. Sure, you can make guesses. Talk to neighbours. Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanners. But those approaches have limits. What you really need is a spectrum analyzer that can scan the surrounding area across a frequency range and show numerically and graphically what’s in the air around you.

By moving around with a mobile analyzer, you can identify actual problems and determine what is destroying your network’s utility. Well, here’s the perfect device to help you analyze the 2.4GHz band and see all that junk – the new Wi-Spy 2.4i Spectrum Analyzer.

wi_spy_2_4i_spectrum_analyzer_inuse-300x212This little device tracks all radio activities from Wi-Fi, Cordless Phones, Microwave Ovens, Zigbee, Bluetooth, or any other 2.4GHz device. It will even let you know which channel to use and which ones to avoid while tracking access points and their channel usage with real-time radio data. The Wi-Spy 2.4i spectrum analyzer just requires Windows XP or newer with .Net 2.0 or Mac OSX 10.5 USB 1.1 or 2.0, to work properly.

Bundled with the latest software – Chanalyzer Lite, the Wi-Spy 2.4i spectrum analyzer is the perfect device to resolve all your wireless issues quickly and easily. Get it here!

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