Tripp-Lite ECO UPS


I was typing some documents on my computer the other day then suddenly, the power went out. Good thing that I had a UPS connected to my PC, so I was able to save my document and copy it to my flash drive before turning off my computer.

UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. Power outages and sudden electrical surges just happen in an instant . Before you know it, your expensive PC is all fried up, or the document you were typing is long gone never to be unrecovered again.

But even UPS devices are inefficient too! That’s why Tripp-Lite Eco series is designed to be eco-friendly – especially nowadays where going green is a key issue. The eco UPS can detect unused devices such as printer, monitor and other things connected and cut off the power supply on that socket, thus saving you money! The ECO350 UPS model also has a telephone/DSL connection. Aside from that, this UPS has a rating of 99% efficiency that only consumes 2 watts of electricity when idle.

Of course, you could also use the surge protector sockets for your other precious devices that do not require battery support like your plasma TV or your sound system.

The ECO350 model will cost you $49.99. In the long run, the device will pay for itself plus the peace of mind that you can save your data whenever there is a sudden blackout.

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