Plan Your Great Sea Voyage with Garmin HomePort

homeportGetting prepared is always better than cramming and getting unexpected happenings that are way beyond your control. Seasoned navigators are indeed good in what they do but they cannot just bank on their experience but also needs some technological upgrade. HomePort is a PC software that allows users to plan their trips ahead of time and organize routes at the comforts of the computer.

HomePort makes voyaging in the open waters safer, easier and more convenient since the planning software makes most of the things for you. Safer because by putting in your destination, map details will be shown with underwater hazards, hidden obstacles, depth measurements, distance, bearing, and tidal predictions. Easier and more convenient because your trip data can be managed not only to your way points, routes and tracks but also helps your create point-to-point routes, determine fuel usage, and even estimate your estimated time of arrival per leg of your route. In case that you have an internet connection in the middle of the sea, HomePort automatically uploads your selected data to GoogleEarth allowing you and others to see where are you located – giving your family and friends peace of mind and even a tool for boasting how cool your “great sea expedition” is.

Installing the HomePort is a breeze since it only needs minimal system resources and needs a 2GB card for transferring the preloaded maps. The drawback here is that HomePort isn’t available on Mac so MacBook users might not be able to take advantage of this software unless they’re running boot camp.

Garmin softwares are available here.

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