Trinvo Talking Translator Knows a Dozen Languages

Learning a new language takes time. And if you’re just travelling to a foreign country for a short time, it’s just not practical. But consider this: you’re an American lost in the streets of China. You don’t speak and can’t understand even a word in Mandarin. How will you speak with a Chinese if you have some questions to ask? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your own personal translator in your pocket? Well, the Trinvo Talking Translator is here to help.

Made by Nomenta Industries, this cool gadget serves as a handy pronunciation tool for international travellers and tourists. It is capable of cross-translating up to a dozen languages: Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese (Mandarin). Each language stores more than 750 commonly used travel-related sentences, as well as dictionary of over 2,500 words and popular sightseeing spots information. While the translation may not be in real-time, it nonetheless ensures that you need not make body and hand gestures that may get you in trouble.

The Trinvo Talking Translator also features save and recall function, adjustable screen contrast, volume level selection switch, rotary dial wheel for quick navigation and ease of use, home time and world time display, currency and metric converter, and a 3.5mm earphone jack for private listening and learning.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you should always have the Trinvo Talking Translator in your pocket. Get the Trinvo Talking Translator right here.

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