Trigem LLUON Mobbit PS400


These mobile internet devices or MID for short are popping up everywhere! It looks like people want to have a middle segment between netbooks and the long gone personal digital assistants or PDA.  For one, these MIDs usually don’t have a keyboard so it relies mostly on their touchscreen display. The screen sizes are much smaller than netbooks which are around on the 4 or 5 inch range.

The LLUON Mobbit has a 1024×600 4.8 inch touch sensitive display, a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520 processor, 1GB of memory, 30GB hard disk drive, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 2 mega pixel camera. Specs wise, it is not really a powerful device but its operating system tweaks make it much better. Trigem made the user interface more touch friendly by making it icon based. Having the user interface icon enhances the usability of this device, as opposed to the normal icons present in windows XP.

The LLUON Mobbit PS4000 has been announced back in December for pre-order and is now released for the price of $560. The price isn’t really cheap as compared to getting a netbook instead, but the looks certainly compensate for that. In the end, it depends on which features you give more weight — looks or performance.

Wherever this MID segment will go, the LLUON Mobbit PS400 is certainly a step forward.

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