Treasure Seeker’s Sandals

treasure-seekers-shoes_mainEveryone has definitely dreamed of using a metal detector on a seemingly worthless patch of land and then making the greatest archaeological discovery of all time. Well, that could be a little far-fetched because one, you should be standing right over an old empire for that to happen and two, your greatest archaeological find could be just a couple of old coins. But using a metal detector is definitely bulky and can make your social life go down the drain so what you need is something more normal looking like a pair of sandals.

These Treasure Seekers Sandals is a fully working metal detector itself! You could just wear it and then go find your treasure. The thick plastic construction allows all terrain treasure seeking. All you have to do is wear the sandals and connect the control box. The control box goes right into your legs through an adjustable strap to fit any person. The control box has 3 indicator lights – green for normal that means nothing is detected, yellow for a hint of metal detection and red for full detection that is really worth digging. A beep will alert you of course for each light indicator. But if you want to be more discreet, a vibration mode is also possible. When you want to be casual and all, you can still use these sandals for a quick trip to the grocery store.

Time to let your gut feel kick in and feel lucky by getting your Treasure Seeker’s Sandals here.

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