Transform with These Cool Transformers Tees!

Stand aside Republicans and Democrats, Jedi and Sith, Good and Evil – for now there are only the Autobots and the Decepticons. Which ever side you choose, show your support with these officially licensed Transformers Movie T-shirts. The merchandise comes in two designs. Feeling brave and bold? Go with the Autobots logo! Downright sinister and treacherous? Go for the Decepticons logo! Either way you can’t loose with these special Transformer shirts. The tees logo on the front even lights up in different pattern providing an animated look in the design. The logos are literally bright statements that can put you on center stage at movie theaters, merrymaking or clubs. Also, the 100% cotton material used on the fabric provides much needed comfort.
TRANSFORMER SHIRTThe bright high-efficiency electroluminescent (EL) panel for the logo allows cool animation pattern and is powered by a lightweight battery pack that uses 2 x AAA batteries. Choose your side with the two designs and choose your size with the available fit. The t-shirts are offered in the following different sizes of Small which fits chests 89 to 94 cm or 35 to 37 inches and Medium which fits chests 97 to 102 cm or 38 to 40 inches. There is also Large which fits chests 104 to 109 cm or 41 to 43 inches and XL enough for chests 112 to 117 cm or 44 to 46 inches.

Eager to have one of these Transformers T-shirts? Go get yourself one now!

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  1. That’s so cute… I wonder how my medical uniforms would look like if added with that animated print. lol! I guess I’m going to have fun, let alone that shirt.

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