Track Your Child’s Location with the Amber Alert GPS 2G

amber-alert1Did you know that every year, approximately 800,000 children [younger than 18], go missing in the United States? So why don’t you monitor your children’s whereabouts to keep them safe? There’s a new gadget that will help you do that. Introducing the Amber Alert GPS 2G – the world’s smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device. Now, tracking your child is as easy as placing a call or sending a text.

Amber-Alert-GPSsmJust place the Amber Alert GPS 2G in your child’s pocket, purse, backpack, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt. Call or text the AAGPS device and within seconds, you will receive a detailed map and address of your child’s exact location right on your web-enabled phone. This tracking device also features “Safe Zone” wherein you can receive an alert when your AAGPS is carried outside of that safe zone.

Now, if your child is in a dangerous or threatening situation, or has a medical emergency, he/she can press and hold the SOS button and the device will then send a “HELP ME” text and email [containing the street address and map link] to 5 trusted individuals that you have predetermined. Other features include Speed Alert which is great for speeding teenagers, Temperature Alert that lets you know when your child is left inside a hot car, Destination Alert that keeps the parents notified when their child arrives at school, soccer practice, or at the mall, and Voice Monitoring.

The Amber Alert GPS 2G is a great item for parents with children of any ages.

Priced at $379, get it from the Amber Alert website, available with payment options.

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