Toyota “Sun Flowers” Hit the Streets

solar flowers
Next to colorful flowers, fragrant herbs and a perfectly mowed grass lawn there is nothing more interesting – well maybe next to magical gnome and dwarf statuettes, to add to your garden than these solar flowers. Unfortunately, unless you have the whole city of Boston or major cities of US for a garden, you will have to enjoy and share these sun powered flowers with everyone else. Toyota in good faith, concern for the environment and massive marketing effort to promote the 3rd generation Prius launch next year. The well-known automaker “planted” several 18 feet solar powered flower sculptures. These hi-tech flowers represent Prius’ carrying theme “Harmony between Man, Nature and Machine”.
solar flower panel
The solar flowers provide free access to Wi-Fi and serve as recharging station for mobile devices like laptops, cellular phones and other handheld gadgets. The best part is that all the energy needed to provide those cool services came from solar panels implanted on the back of the petals as well as the base of the stem of the flower statues. Those solar panels will also be used in the solar roof of the upcoming next generation Toyota Prius. Additionally, these eco-friendly flowers can accommodate a maximum of 10 people to serve as a green hangout while they charge their mobile devices, surf the internet or just rest tired old legs.

The project is currently focused in the city of Boston and is projected to be implemented around major US cities in the near future. For now, if you are looking for more solar wireless gadgets that you can use at home or office, check some here.

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