Toshiba TG01: A World’s First Snapdragon

Seems everyone’s working on a “revolutionary phone of the future” these days, and Toshiba is getting in the game with its TG01 smartphone. Toshiba calls it “faster, slimmer, and better” than the iPhone.

The last PocketPC that Toshiba produced were the E740, E750 series that excelled in built quality and clean professional design. Toshiba discontinued the PocketPC line few years back, however, the relationship between Toshiba and Microsoft was still going on with the Zune 1 built based on the Toshiba GigaBeat.


Now, Toshiba wants to wow us again with a Windows Mobile handset that rocks a blazing fast processor and jaw-dropping display. The TG01 will be the first mobile handset to incorporate the 1GHz snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and will sport a 4.1-inch WVGA resistive touch screen with on-screen trackpad, WiFi, HSPA, GPS, Bluetooth, DivX support, and microSD slot with up to 32GB capacity. The casing is finished in soft-touch plastic, with a chromed strip running around the edges.

And the best thing is – it is relatively affordable to pick up. O2 Germany plan to offer the TG01 as a free handset, as long as you sign up to 24-month contract for just $28 per month. This is the mobile phone you’ve been waiting for. With Toshiba TG01, movies are smoother, browsing is slicker and gaming is even faster. All this, plus even more cutting-edge features are packed into a breathtaking thin 9.9mm. You can also find other smartphones here.

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  1. Sorry about the grammar!

    A lot of people are waiting for this phone to come out, but the delay, makes you wounder, could it be that the phone can’t deliver what it promised, and Toshiba was too optimistic with its features, does it have bugs that are delaying its wide release. Things that make you go hum! specially when a product is not out by the promised release and later we find out that it wasn’t ready, and was release with bugs, to fix them later. Doesn’t it sound like Microsoft’s way of doing business? Maybe just maybe I will wait to buy it to see what others (consumers, not bias reviewers) would have to say about it.

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