Top 5 Summer Beat-the-Heat Must Haves

As the great summer begins, things are getting hotter in every sense of the word. There are the babes, the hunks, the beaches, the weather, and of course the gadgets built to cool you off this coming sizzling season. One of the great paradoxes here at Geekie is that as the summer gets hotter and hotter our gadgets for you are getting cooler and cooler. Cool enough to give you top 5 products to literally take the heat (and the sweat!) off you! So drum roll please! *drum FX*

For our number 5 we have the Instant Inflatable Pool, the perfect solution for a quick dip in the garden. Though measuring 8 ft wide and 2 ft deep, it is rather easy to set up – thanks to its inflatable top rim and tough 3-layer PVC and Polyester wall. Just inflate the top rim and the pool is able to lift itself up in a few minutes as you fill it with water. Click here to start having your fun in the sun.


The food- safe silicone mold to create two zero-degree glasses comes as our number 4. Just put water or any liquid in the mold and freeze it for few hours and you have the chilliest pair of glasses. Nothing beats the heat with cold glasses kissing your lips while an ice cold beverage flows through your thirsty throat. These Ice Tumblers certainly beat the heat.


Our proud number 3 is the room to room fan, a rather simple yet ingenious and budget-friendly way to cool ourselves this summer. This easy to install device can be mounted in the corner of your door frame to direct cool air to the adjacent room.


The Chillow Comfort Devicehits our number 2 spot; it’s a pillow with soft outer material and Chillow water core to give a great and cool good night’s sleep. With Chillow, you don’t need to wake up just to twist and turn your pillow to get to the “cool side”. The Chillow pillow is just the perfect comfortable, quiet, economical, and non-toxic cooling pillow this summer.


Now for our number 1 product to beat the heat this summer is the air conditioned bed. It is a special mattress with built-in air conditioning system developed by a Japanese company. The bed’s cooling system moves heat away from the body through a fan at the base of the mattress. You can now sleep with little or no AC at all. Wow, that could save a lot of electricity.


That’s it for our top products this summer. Remember, when things get blazing hot, just chill and check out for more of our summer gadgets.

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