Top 5 Baby Gadgets – Perfect Gadget Gifts for Christmas

The countdown still continues and yes it’s less than a week to go and it’s Christmas! Hooraay! Everyone’s excited and perhaps some of you are now busy wrapping those gifts to give your loved ones and friends. But if you’re one of those who have not yet even started doing their Christmas shopping, then it’s time you consider some new and cool gadgets to give this Christmas. Yes, there are lots! And for babies in particular, here are top 5 gadgets for babies that you might want to look into:

1. Homedics SS-3000 Soundspa Lullaby, White

soundspa_lullaby_sound_machinePutting babies to sleep is one of the most difficult things that most parents, especially those who are first-time mom and dads, experience. And so, if your friend keeps on complaining how her little one gives her sleepless nights, then it’s high time you get her this Sound Spa Lullaby Relaxation Machine. It is a 4-pc set, which includes the machine and 3 image discs. It produces 3 natural sounds and 3 tender lullabies and it is designed with a rotating picture projector that displays images on walls or ceilings. It’s great for putting babies to sleep and reduce their stress.

2. BEBE SOUND BEBE-BR143 Fever Monitor

fever_monitorFever is common among babies, especially after they are given some sort of vaccine or immunization. And so, the BebeSounds BR143 Fever Monitor is a must for mommies and daddies out there. Babies with fever often result to a stressful situation, since parents are left no choice but to stay awake so as to monitor their temperature. But with this fever monitor, no more sleepless nights. Simply clip it on to baby’s diaper or pajama bottom and once it detects just a degree rise in baby’s temperature, it will immediately beep to let mommy and daddy know. Cool, eh!

3. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

3196NYKV8FL._SL500_AA280_Since it’s winter time again, this is the best gift that you can give to moms and dads out there. Why? Because for sure, they don’t want to startle their babies with ice-cold wipes on their bottom. The Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer makes sure that baby wipes are at a comfortable temperature, making changing diapers more pleasant not only for babies but also for mommies.

4. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

quick_serve_bottle_warmerFor your preggie friend, this is the perfect gadget gift you can give. It is designed for use from birth so after she gives birth, warming bottles is a lot easier for her. It features fast and convenient heating with more consistent temperatures, so no worries about preparing baby’s milk bottle or food once it starts eating. It’s very user-friendly, simply plug in the warmer, add water, slip in the jar or bottle, and then press the “on” button. Just wait for five minutes and baby’s milk or food is warm and ready in no time.

5. Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5

41LcsunY-LL._SL500_AA280_For parents who are often home alone with their young, this could be the best gadget gift that they’ll receive. The Handheld Color Video Monitor features a large 2.5″ color display screen with pan, scan, and zoom camera options, giving them the view of their little one. Plus, it is made using digital technology, providing them a secure and private connection even up to a 350′ range.

So there you have it, the top 5 gadgets for babies! Check them out now!

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