TipSee LED Light

Flashlight – this is the most important tool for anyone who needs to do some job fixing. Though using your regular flashlight makes you use your one hand altogether and small torch lights doesn’t help much either. What DIY people need is something that gives them some sort of illumination while working on a project but still gives them the freedom of using both hands. The solution is the TipSee LED light.tipsee

The TipSee tilt activated light works by having a gravity sensor inside to know whether it is on its right side up. It also has a ring hole for it to connect right on your finger or any round pole object. So with this, you can just attach it to your left index finger while you work on wiring and still have all your fingers capable of doing some twisting or what not. The super long life of the TipSee LED light can last for up to 50,000 hours of illumination. It is also extremely durable and water resistant so you can use it even outdoors with harsh environment. The battery is also user replaceable so you can just bring a couple of batteries with you and pop right in it for extended use.

This handy gadget is a must for DIY aficionados or who frequently encounter some tweaking job. Get your very own TipSee tilt activated LED light here.

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