Time to Get Spooky: Start Your Own Graveyard Gothic Garden

It’s Halloween once again! So, it’s time to get spooky. Have you started decorating your home with scary and weird Halloween decorations? If not, well you should get started and stop wasting time. Are you thinking about using your old spooky decors? Or are you planning to use something different this time? If you choose to do the latter, then here’s a new and unique spooky idea for you – start your own Graveyard Gothic Garden. Sound familiar? If no, well here’s a bit of information to give you a clear idea on how to grow a graveyard garden.

graveyard_gothic_gardenUnlike an ordinary garden, the Graveyard Gothic Garden grows plants that are rather different, ugly, and weird. Just imagine that spooky grave often shown in televisions during Halloween season and you’ll know exactly where these weird plants will flourish. How to start your own gothic garden? First, you need to have the complete Graveyard Gothic Garden kit that includes the five color seeds packs namely Black Dragon Coleus, Aloe, Dragon Tree, Sensitive Plant, and Moonflower. It is also packed with Tombstone Plant stakes, Book Rock, assorted skulls and spiders, and graveyard unnerving decals. After you got one, simply refer to the booklet for the detailed instructions on planting, sprouting, growing, and taking care of the five weird plants included in the kit.

Starting your own Graveyard Gothic Garden is actually as easy as having your backyard garden. The only difference is that here, you get to grow unusual plants and spice it up with spooky decorations. So, since it’s Halloween time, it’s just the best time of the year to start creating your graveyard garden. Get the Graveyard Gothic Garden at ThinkGeek.com now!

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