Time Projection Pen – The Pen that Tells the Time

Wrist watch, wall clock, and the clocks from your desktop computer, laptop, and cellphone. All of these devices tell you the time. But a pen? You must be kidding! How can a pen ever tell the time because all it can do is write? Is it magic? No! It’s the Time Projection Pen!

At first glance, you might think that the Time Projection Pen is like your regular pen; but mind you, it is more than that. Unlike ordinary pens, this one is actually designed with a high intensity LED light beam for projector. Simply project it on your wall or ceiling, press the button on the side, and voila! You can already tell if it’s time to go home, submit that report, or take your lunch break.

But hey, there’s more! The Time Projection Pen also makes a great bedside projectionist. If you don’t have an alarm clock on top of your bedside table nor a wall clock that glows in the dark, then this cool gadget will just be your perfect bet. No need to get up just to know what the time is. Just keep your Time Projection Pen within reach and you’ll know in seconds whether it’s way past your bedtime or time to hit the shower.

Isn’t it great to have a pen that does more than just write what you want? And hey, you can always share this great discovery if you want to. Give it as a gadget gift for your friends and loved ones. For sure, they will love it. Buy one now by clicking here.

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