This Week’s Picks: Keytar and Guitar

We’re starting a new series here at Geekie, where we bring you a scientific breakthrough vis-a-vis the latest in consumer technology. Inspired by swimming robotic penguins and invisibility cloaks amidst the silliest gadgets, Geekie will personally handpick two of the week’s biggest online finds. This will hopefully give you a taste of tomorrow today.


keytarA mechanism thesis over at NYU’s ITP shows that technology and art are not far apart. 12 robotic ribcages, controlled by a simple keyboard, plucks strings with guitar picks to create MIDI music. Why all that hassle of arranging steel pipes into one gigantic keytar-playing dinosaur? Well it’s just effing cool to watch. The 12 notes are pre-set, but according to thesis, you can tweak each individual string to customize the sound. I can imagine this changing the face of performance art, and actually spawning a technology and art exhibit.


logitech-wirelessPerfect for rocking out with Guitar Hero, whether for PS2 or PS3 — the Logitech Wireless Guitar Contoller will definitely get you even more hooked to those music games. Made of wood and sporting of an authentic electric guitar feel, it may have useless metal frets and tuning pegs but those add to the oomph of this classy controller.

Considering it’s wireless, it gives good seamless control. After strumming a few bars with this baby, you’ll never want to pick up the real thing again. Grab one here for $199, or feel extra-special by picking up the Premiere Edition.

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