This is your Oven Reconstructed.

Your conventional oven and cooking stove has the stove on top of your oven. How… conventional. Modern homes are popping in everywhere. With the advancement of technology, garage gates will open automatically, the doorbell will ring even without a press of a button and curtains can be closed with the press of a button. Even kitchens, with all their appliances and electronical devices, are jumping in on the modern design bandwagon. There are touchscreen computers on the kitchen countertops so you can search for a really good recipe or even buy your groceries. The refrigerators do not look like the ordinary refrigerator. They have become larger, roomy, and more efficient. The same goes for your oven. No, your ovens are not becoming larger nor roomy, but more efficient, maybe.

Say hi to the Oven Re-constructed.


That doesn’t look like an oven, I know. But if you put this plate up and fold this and that, it will become like this:


Your Oven Re-constructed.

It was designed by Ciprian Frunzeanu. It takes up less space and the design is an amazing innovation. It is also very efficient in energy use.

The dark plates that you see is very much like your ordinary cook top. You cook on them like any other induction surface. However, you can also arranged these plates to form a cube. This cube is your oven. This oven is not like any other.

The oven is not as large as the other ordinary cooking ovens, but come to think of it, the main purpose is to cook, right? And I am happy to tell you that it is able to do that.

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