USB Aromatherapy Burner: Computer-powered Zen


More than all those mushy stuff that could sweep us off our feet this Valentine’s Day, what could bring out the amorous in us than the lingering scent of Jasmin, Lavender, Rose oil, or just any aromatherapy scent that’s sure to get us in the mood.

And technology surely has its way of getting to your olfactory senses, understanding that specific scents could actually boost our moods without our conscious mind realizing it. Research shows that olfactory neurons are slower to absorb information and also slower to give it up – which means the when a smell affects you, it lingers.

Because of that, here’s technology’s take on this Zen sensation. Introducing the USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner where you could get the scent that you have been yearning for in just two easy steps.

1. Into the little x, add one drop of the included aromatherapy oil.
2. Insert into a USB drive (horizontal drives preferred to prevent drips) and voila the scent would be in the entire place in no time!

No need for a software to run, no drivers to install, as the USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner just needs to get warm. And then the lavender smells spread around your office to put you in a better mood.

More than a valentine gadget, this could also make a perfect gift for that significant other, friend or family. Seriously, who needs to buy a bouquet of flowers when you can give your special someone a tiny USB stick and a little bottle and they’ll have the patchouli or bergamot scents anytime they want? This certainly lasts a lot longer than real flowers. No watering or TLC needed for your withering bouquet.

Dimensions: approx 2.5″ long (mini bottle of Lavender scented oil included – can be used with any fragrance oil)

Hurry, get one now.

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