The Universe In Your Own Bedroom


Okay, fine. Maybe not the whole universe but the solar system is at least in your bedroom.

Truth be told, accessorizing your child’s room isn’t always easy with all the trinkets and gazillion of accessories found in toy stores today. But if you want an accessory that’s also educational for your child, you might want to get him his very own R/C Animated Solar System Mobile right here.

The R/C Animated Solar System Mobile is the complete revolving solar system + 1 former planet. It comes with an audio CD that gives your child a glimpse of the universe.  Measuring up to 42″ in diameter and uses 3 C and 2 AAA batteries, this solar system can be mounted on the bedroom ceiling after assembly. When turned on, the sun lights up and automatically shuts down after 20 minutes. It has an IR controller with a built in “meteor” light projector for your child to create his own pseudo meteor shower experience.

So if you’re not so sure what to put in your kid’s room, you may want to think about purchasing this gadget. The R/C Animated Solar System Mobile can make him feel like he has his own little science museum in his very own bedroom!

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