The Speak-er


Looking for a perfect desk piece can be troublesome actually. You could be traditional by putting photo frames or a calendar on your desk. Or how about putting a Newton’s Cradle to show the inner geek while you explain the concept of conservation of momentum and energy to your colleagues. Whatever you might think of, a set of speakers can also be an option. Having speakers on your desk can give you quick access to a dose of music while trying to relax amidst your deadlines.

Even with the minimalist design of the speak-er, this can surely be a head turner. It’s shaped like the speech bubbles you see in comic strips. These speakers offer good stereo sound quality as the makers ensure you that they took every step to achieve top-notch quality. As for the size, it is just right for your desk since it is just 4 x 6 x 2 inches. Remember these speakers aren’t designed to replace your speakers system but rather a decent one for some casual music listening.

I myself see this as a great gift perhaps especially since Valentines Day is just around the corner. But if the recepient of your gift is more of an audiophile, a great selection of speakers can be found at Amazon

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