The Orb Bluetooth Headset Can Be Worn as a Ring When Not in Use

Mobile phone owners have long been experiencing the many advantages of Bluetooth. Among the Bluetooth products commonly used by cellular phone owners are the popular headsets. With Bluetooth headsets, you can make calls while driving or doing housework, without being disturbed by those cables. Because of this, Bluetooth headsets have become one of the necessary and cool gadgets for a mobile phone. They have also become a style statement apart from the convenience they serve.

Now take a look at the picture below. Would you believe if I say it’s a Bluetooth headset? Yes, it’s a Bluetooth headset, called Orb, which will twist into a ring that you can wear on your finger when you’re not making calls or listening to music. It’s a solution to the problem of storing a Bluetooth headset when not in use and it has been put forth by a team effort between Hybra Advance Technology Inc. and AbsolutelyNew Inc. To have the Orb looking like a fashion accessory for your ear, NXT technology has been used for bone conduction, freeing you from the discomfort of putting anything into your ear canals. the-orb-bluetooth-headest-1

orbheadsetPlanned to be out in the market by 2010, the Orb will be available in different sizes and comes in three models – a basic model worth $130 scheduled for launch by January, a Deluxe edition in April, sporting a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (FOILED) caller ID screen, calendar reminder, and voice-to- text info information so you don’t have to take off the ring from your finger, worth $175, and a Limited Edition embedded with precious gemstones to be out in the market by April 2010 also.

But you don’t have to wait for next year to have a pair of stylish Bluetooth headset. Find one here now!

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