The New Thin – Samsung 0.6mm 32 GB Octa-die Memory Package

Samsung thin memory chipMoore’s Law dictates that in relation to computer hardware, the number of transistors that can be installed on an integrated circuit will double roughly around every two years. This translates to continuous increase in dimension, density, rate and speed of different computer components. The predictions of Intel’s co-founder Gordon E. Moore became a general trend in the computer hardware industry until the present day.

Samsung Electronics, one of the leading manufacturers of advanced semiconductor technology, is not unfamiliar with this trend as they released the thinnest multi chip memory package so far. Measuring only at 0.6mm, this 8 chip 32GB package is 40% thinner than the usual octa-die memory with the same density. This breakthrough decrease in size and increase in density means slimmer and lighter options for compact multimedia gadgets and portable devices.

These new sets of 30 nanometer class, 32 gigabit NAND flash chips measure only 15um each to form the world’s thinnest 32 GB chip. The major breakthrough not only lies on the increased density but the greater resistance to external pressure. Usually, a thickness of 30um is the limit for exterior stress for individual dies but Samsung somehow effectively managed to reduce this limit to 15um. The reduction in thickness doubles the capacity and offers significant decrease in weight of devices using multi chip technology. This may not mean much yet to end electronic consumers, but for engineers and designers this means more freedom to “go crazy” in devising new products.

Learn more about this breakthrough here.

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