The New Inspiron Zino HD – Your Mini Desktop Computer

Want to include a small workstation inside your room yet when you think about how big your desktop computer is, you begin to think otherwise? Furnishing a small room with a workstation can really be frustrating. It actually involves a more thoughtful approach. And more importantly, it requires a bit of research so you can find the right furniture and equipment to use for your own workstation. Good thing, there is now a mini desktop computer available for you and it’s none other than the new Inspiron Zino HD.
dell_inspiron_zino1A perfect square – that’s the first thing you’ll notice with this new cool gadget from Dell. Measuring 8″ by 8″, it’s designed to fit just about anywhere, including your small room. It is available in 3 unique pattern options and comes in a choice of 7 vibrant colors. Now, if you prefer black, you can always choose to have the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Piano Black Desktop PC available at Amazon.

So, what else can you expect from this mini desktop computer aside from its small form factor? Well, it’s full of features just like the usual desktop computer. It is equipped with AMD Athlon Dual-Core processors and has up to 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive for amazing performance. Plus, it has optional discrete graphics and allows you to enjoy watching your favorite movies as if you are watching on big screen with its HDMI port and optional DVD-RW or Blu-ray Disc drive.

Putting a workstation inside your small room will not be as frustrating as you think if you equip yourself with this mini desktop computer. So, buy the Dell Inspiron Zino HD Piano Black Desktop PC (Windows 7 Home Premium) at now!

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