The LightLane won’t scare bikers anymore

One of the famous trends these days is energy conservation. People go to different heights just to do something for the environment. We take advantage of natural light, we harness solar energy, we throw our trash in the proper waste bin. If we are able to do everything, if only we have the resources needed, everyone will be driving cars powered by hydrogen or installing solar panels in their roofs.

Let us take biking for example. Not everyone knows how to bike. Out of the millions of people who are able to ride the bike, a percentage uses the bike when going to work. Out of that percentage, a smaller percentage have had an experience where they were inches away from a potential road accident.

The LightLane can pretty much avoid that. Most of the time, drivers do not care to look if your bike is too close to their cars. What if they suddenly bumped you out of your bike? The LightLane has a laser that imitates a real bike lane. Since not all major roads and highways have bike lanes, the LightLane can signal the driver into telling that you are on his car’s right side.


It is just like marking your territory. It will be safer for the user and road accidents will be reduced.

The concept for the LightLane was submitted by Alex Tee and Evan Gant in a design competition. Unfortunately, their design did not win, but the idea garnered a huge response from the people. This is why production for the LightLane might soon become a reality.

You can find products similar to the LightLane here.

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