The Latest Internet Tablet from Moses – SmartQ 7 MID

Do you remember the SmartQ 5 MID? Because if you can recall, the SmartQ 5 promised much – low price, internet browsing, PMP functionality and oodles of connectivity. Then what? It delivered little – with its sluggish ARM chipset unable to keep up with internet browsing, and so, it didn’t really manage to lure too many fans. Now, Moses is all set to welcome yet another member called the SmartQ 7 MID in its family. Yeah, the company is back with slick new renders of the SmartQ 5 successor – the SmartQ 7, with a 7-inch WVGA touch screen and WiFi connectivity.

The internet tablet also packs in two USB ports which apparently support a host of external peripherals including keyboards and hard drives. Moses also claims to have added high-end stereo speakers, a TV output, and a Linux OS onboard integrated with IM clients. Powered by a 4,500 mAH battery pack, it also claims to offer up to 48 hours of music playback. Other features include internet access and PMP functionality coupled with a high resolution 800 x 480 display. And here are the live photos of the SmartQ 7 MID with different colors to choose from.


Now, here’s the bad news – it still uses the same 667MHz ARM11 processor as the SmartQ 5 that leads us to doubt whether it will suffer the same poor performance. Well, let’s just wait for the first reviews with the SmartQ7 to see if SmartQ have made another processor mistake.

It’s still not available beyond the shores of China, but in the meantime you can scope around other MID goodness here.

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