The Flu Is Out To Get You


Caught your attention yet?

If you’re still not convinced about the severity of the Swine Flu, and you think you’re untouchable and this virus will simply kill itself and leave you alone — well there’s nothing much we at Geekie can do to convince you otherwise.

So we’ll leave it up to the government to do that. And boy they’re doing it geekie style.

The U.S. National Archives has put up an online exhibit on the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, an occurence that the Swine Flu is so often compared to. Here you’ll see the gravity of this aggressive virus through images, testimonials, and personal accounts. 40 to 100 million lives were claimed by the Spanish Flu. Though thankfully the Swine Flu is currentl nowhere near, the U.S. Government still advises to stay on your toes, and close your nose.

The Influenze Epidemic of 1918 Online Exhibit is right here.

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