The First Solar-Powered, Waterproof Handset Goes to Japan This June

Yes, the first solar-powered mobile phone manufactured by Sharp is on its way to see the sunlight in Japan soon, on the airwaves of the wireless carrier KDDI. The handset doesn’t have a name yet, but with its specifications and features, it could very well remain nameless.


The yet unnamed device has a tiny solar panel behind the lid, making it possible to charge through the power of the mighty sun. KDDI says that as little as 10 minutes of sun absorption will get you two hours of standby time, and about a minute of talk time. Needless to say, the phone has also a conventional battery that can be recharged to as much as 80% using solar energy only. Without a doubt, this is one green eco-friendly alternative to traditional mobile phones. The fact that the handset is not dependent on standard electricity to operate will contribute greatly to reducing carbon dioxide emission levels.

And oh, by the way, did I mention that it’s also waterproof? This KDDI solar phone is integrated with a waterproof panel, making it a better choice for careless users who always drop their phones into water. It’s one handy phone for your upcoming summer getaways.

The question now is, how much would you pay for such a phone? There’s no price tag attached to the handset yet and for now, it will only be available in Japan. Let’s just hope that Sharp will consider making the new device available on more markets and not leave it with the “Japan only” mark on it because it’s great to have a handset that recharges from the sunlight while also being water resistant.

Well while we’re waiting to get our own share of solar power, you can browse for some solar mobile chargers right here.

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