The environment-friendly Hydrogen-Powered RiverSimple car should be on your garages soon

Being green and saving the environment is one of the leading trends in America today. You can go simple and opt for trash segregation, recycling, or finally stopping your smoking addiction. However, there are also those who prefer to go the extra mile. They build solar panels on their roofs, construct their houses using environmentally-safe materials, or even plant a whole forest. Then, there are those who buy hydrogen cars.


RiverSimple unveiled their newest hydrogen urban car last June 16, 2009. Why buy a hydrogen car? The biggest difference is between the petrol and the hydrogen. Hydrogen is less flammable than petrol. Hydrogen, the lightest element, spreads and disperses fast and easily, so if a leak occurs, hydrogen cannot burn. If it does, it burns upward and disappears quickly. It would also give out less heat, thus creating less damage.

Other than resolved safety issues, driving a hydrogen car will be a big help to the envionment since hydrogen cars do not release smoke and do not increase air pollution.

The RiverSimple car, however, can only seat two people. It won’t be the perfect car for a family going to a picnic or a beach outing. Rather, the hydrogen car is excellent for young professionals who need a mode of transportation to use when going to work.

Other than the fact that it is powered by hydrogen, the materials used were very lightweight, so it is possible to drive it with much more ease and comfort than a regular car.

You can find other ecological cars here.

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