The Eco Friendly Smokey Amp

amp1Enjoy music while helping mother earth live longer with the Smokey Amp. The Smokey Amp is an electronic amplifier designed to look like it has been done DIY style by person who got the instructions from the internet. It is like one of those Altoids can hacks that you get from but is professionally done. See the irony there? A DIY object that is completely done and sold off the internet so others who doesn’t have the time to pimp out something barely usable to a cool looking one like how they do on MTV.

The Smokey Amp is sized the same as a lowly cigarette carton but is packed with a built in speaker that has 0.5 watts of umph. It is powered by a 9volt battery that could give the user 10 hours of continuous jamming session that would surely be long enough for more than one usage. Aside from helping you make better sounds off your guitar, this amp would also help the environment since chosen recycled cigarette packs are used for production. This method of production would give you the element of surprise of which flavor, variety or manufacturer of cigarrete you will get as you open the package from the mail.

This electronic amplifier would surely be a great gift for people who are aspiring to rock it out like Jimi Hendrix or could also be used as a novelty item. Whichever way it would be, this amp surely doesn’t come with any diseases that could be obtained through cigarettes.

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