The Dynamite Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with a BANG!

dynamite alarm clockHaving trouble getting out of the bed in the morning? Here’s a fun alarm clock that is bound to get you out of the bed in the morning, with a BANG! Yes, this highly-alarming alarm clock will definitely wake up anyone that needs a bomb under them to get them going in the morning. It has all the usual functions and features you would expect including a backlit display, snooze function, and the ability to turn it off for those weekend lie-ins.

Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the Dynamite Alarm Clock is a great bedroom alarm clock. It can make a very cool and amusing gift to one of your friends, as long as you’re sure that your friend can appreciate such a kind of humor. But this cool gadget comes with one major issue – it looks pretty realistic. There have been several versions of dynamite alarm clocks or bomb alarm clocks in the past but this one is by far the best looking. So good in fact, that it would be highly risky to transport it on airplanes or across borders. And don’t leave or forget this anywhere as it could be mistaken for a real bomb.

Yet, if you’re not planning any mischief, the Dynamite Alarm Clock would surely make a great addition to your collection of weird alarm clocks. The price is cool as it retails for only £16.95, meaning, you don’t have to break your piggy bank. Get it right here.

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