The Discovery Exclusive Night Sky Navigator Lets You Get a Closer Look at Space

Ever since you were a kid, were you fascinated about the solar system, which includes the sun, planets, moon, constellations, stars, and even mythical characters? If yes, then perhaps you already did some things just to get a closer look at space while your feet remained firmly planted on the ground. Okay let me guess, you’ve tried looking at the moon, the stars, and the planets using a telescope, right? Or maybe, whenever there’s an eclipse, whether lunar or solar, you try to use solar filters, welders’ goggles, fully exposed and black-and-white film, or even your camera just to witness such rare phenomenon. Those were the days, eh! But then again, even today, you can always enjoy looking at the space and the night sky without boarding any rocket ship. All you need is the Discovery Exclusive Night Sky Navigator.

discovery_night_sky_navigatorDesigned to be an illuminated map of the Northern hemisphere, the Discovery Exclusive Night Sky Navigator can be used mainly to locate individual stars, constellations, and mythical characters. It actually includes everything you need to explore the night sky and find those stars and constellations that you long to see. From the constellation view mode and mythology view mode up to the combination of the two, this gadget will sure allow you to feel as if you’re in space, less the rocket ship and the astronaut uniform.

But there are more to this gadget apart from using it to locate stars and constellations. Its other features include: a built-in audio guide, a glow-in-the-dark compass, and a back-lit clock display. It is also designed with built-in hand grips for easy navigation and allows you to set the season, date, and time for year-round use.

So, get a closer look at space and explore the night sky now with the Discovery Exclusive Night Sky Navigator!

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