The Cube – Music Player for Men

Men are different from women when it comes to showing off their belongings. When it’s about music players, women usually choose one that’s elegant and attractive enough so she can constantly show it off to other people. On the other hand, men usually put their music player in their pockets; the only time they bring it out is if they need to do something such as skip or change track. However, men don’t have as many choices as women when it comes to their outfit. The former wear suits most of the time and hanging their music players will just give them an unbalanced look. Hence, it is be better if they will just hide their music player in their bag. And if it will be hidden in the bag, getting a unit that’s a bit bigger surely won’t hurt. Why not get the Mint Cube? Mintpass-cube Most of the Mintpad touchscreen PMP users find it amazing. If you’re one of those people, it is good news that folks at Mintpass are here to surprise you once again with a precious little gem called “The Cube.” With the Cube, you can conclude that men’s music player should function that way. Since it will just be kept in your bag, its looks is really not a big deal. It features three large gauges that let you know your battery level, volume, and radio frequency. These are all analog indicators. On the back of the Mintpass cube are earphone jack, USB port, and hold switch to manage the buttons found on the top portion of the device.

True, this cube mp3 is perfect for men who are tech savvy yet want to be fashionable. Interested? Check out different Mintpass gadgets, including the Cube and Mintpad 4GB WiFi PDA Portable Media Player, at Amazon.

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