The Cooling Laptop Stand with Optimized Portability – Minitfit XL

minifitxl-smallIf you’re a laptop owner, you know that they can get quite hot, especially when they run at full power, with the contrast and brightness at the highest setting. That’s what happens most of the time. So it’s always a good idea to have some kind of a system to deal with all this excess heat.

The Minifit XL promises to cool your laptop’s hot spots. We’ve seen other laptop stands with built-in fans, but this one promises to only cool the right spots, the spots that get really hot, like the one where your hard drive is located. Naturally, not all laptops have the hot spots at the same place. Existing suppliers tend to increase the number of fan to cover all the hot point possible because they can’t specify the hot spots of each notebook. As the number of fan increase, the noise goes up and power is consumed more.

The Minifit XL solves this problem effectively with its changeable fan location. The fan is powered by a USB port. It comes with a doubling port, so that you don’t lose the use of a USB port. Instead of being fixed, it can be moved to anywhere on the surface, allowing you to send cool air where it is most needed.

And that’s not all. The Minifit XL doubles as a laptop sleeve when you need to carry your notebook around. Sufficient size of Minifit XL covers up to 15-inch notebooks. It can also work as a book stand [though I don’t see any books needing to be cooled that way]. The legs of the stand can be adjusted to best fit the way you want it.

Well, I definitely want to give this stand a try.

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