The Beatles Coming To Rock Band!



Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell?


The secret is out! 999 will  be a momentous occasion for both gamers and music-lovers alike. For the young ‘uns, I think we may have the key to getting mom and pop jumpin’ on the Rock Bandwagon. By 999, a series of firsts will be revealed. On 999, we will see the first time The Beatles is brought into an interactive gaming platform. We see the first time that Rock Band comes out with a series of high-end controller collectibles. And hopefully, we’ll see the first time that dear old dad rocks it out to A Hard Day’s Night in front of our Xbox 360. On September 9, 2009, money CAN buy you love. All these is made possible through MTV Games and Harmonix’s partnership with Apple Corps., Ltd. The Beatles: Rock Band is going to descend upon us.

Of course, with the gazillions of Beatles repertoire, it’s unlikely that we’ll get to rock it out with all their songs. Word has it that there will be 45 available Beatles tunes – circa ’62 to ’69 — to this much-anticipated title. Also, the game will be sold only as a software for about $59.99. You can already pre-order The Beatles: Rock Band right here! And get it on the eventful 999 day itself.But that’s not all that’s in store for you on that fateful day. Rock Band is also coming out with exclusive new hardware guitars modeled after the real deal themselves.

So not only can you rock it out ala-John Lennon, you can even strum with a replica of his guitar ala-Rock Band. This definitely is going to worth the wait to gamers, music-lovers, and ex-hippies.

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