The Astak EZ Reader for Your Reading Pleasure

Astak-EZ-Reader-Pocket-ProDo you love collecting books of all sorts but simply don’t have the space to store them? Are you fond of reading yet you just don’t like the thought of bringing books along as you travel from one place to another? And do you love listening to music while reading? If you say yes to all these, then it’s time you get this portable gadget that allows you to store a thousand ebooks and data, with the option to listen to music for more reading pleasure – the Astak EZ Reader.

Okay, let’s enumerate the many uses of this EZ Reader from Astak. One, if it’s storage space for your books that you’re worrying about, well you don’t have to. This EZ reader allows you to store a thousand ebook, whether sci-fi, romance, fairy tale, and many others, and even collect more by simply inserting a memory SD card. So, the higher the capacity of your memory card is, the more books you can collect and store for future reading.

Two, if you’re torn between bringing your books along for reading pleasure and carrying that extra weight while you travel, then the EZ reader is the simple solution. It only weighs about 7.8 oz but can accommodate as many as 1,000 ebooks. So, wherever you go, you can easily take it with you and read on any time.

And three, aside from books, it can also store music and data. So, gone are the days when you have to buy a separate mp3 player just to listen to your playlist while reading. With this gadget, you can enjoy listening to music while you read one ebook to another. Now, if in between readings, you want to check on your files, you don’t have to open your laptop just to access them. Simply store your files in this device, and that’s it!

The Astak EZ Reader really takes your reading pleasure into the next level. Check here to find more ebook reader options.

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  1. I saw these pictures on MobileRead Forum. Astak calls this the Pocket PRO! This thing is supposed to be far faster at page turns as it uses a special controller and 400MHz processor.

    For me the clincher was that the battery is not sealed-in (like on other eBook Readers). It is completely user-replaceable and still rechargeable.

    I went to the recommended website: and found this for $199! WOW!! This is one hell of a bargain for a full-featured machine.

    I bought one on the spot in Maroon. The other colors are all pretty neat… but the Maroon got me.

    OH, I should also mention the device comes WITH a ton of things: crush-resistant case with closer, ear buds, USB cable, wrist leash, AC charger, even a screwdriver for the battery door!!

    Now, I ask you, when was the last time ANYTHING included a fine case in the price? I woulda paid more for it as it looks really nice and protects the unit.

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