The amazing technology of the new Motorola Endeavor HX1

motorola_endeavor_hx1_r3qtr_bluetooth_headset-477x480For all the chatterboxes who would always have a hard time leaving their cellphones at home, then the Motorola Endeavor HX1 is made for them. These bluetooth earphones aren’t the ordinary ones that come in cellphone packages. The HX1 uses the award-winning CrystalTalk System by Motorola and advanced bone conduction technology to give you a unique and a better talk experience with your mates.

The primary purpose of the advance bone conduction technology is to make your voice clearer so that you can be completely heard by the person you are talking to. It senses your vocal vibrations and an ear sensor shuns all noise in the environment so it won’t interfere with your conversation. Your friend will be able to hear every word you say, even if you are in a very noisy place.

While you are in a concert or a very windy desert, the noise and voices around you wouldn’t be heard throughout your conversation. The bone conduction technology can be triggered with a touch of a button.

Other than this, the CrystalTalk technology, which is already used in several Motorola earphones,  does not require a press of a button since it is always on.

You can also use the HX1 with several other devices. There is a voice prompt that teaches the user how to enable use of the HX1 with other devices and how to pair with handsets.

The Motorola Endeavor HX1 will be made available in Asia in July this year. There is no word yet on its price or its release dates in Europe and America.

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