Tesla Powered Smart fortwo Made the Big Volt-In

Everything is going green and I’m not talking about the incredible Hulk and his blatant disregard for destruction –  but the movement of consumerism around the globe. Environmental awareness has caught up with the world but with the insurmountable environmental problem the nations are facing now, we can only hope that we are not too late. What matters most is that people are taking actions to save the planet, like manufacturing electric cars. And this is evident in the partnership of Daimler and Tesla to produce the Tesla-powered Smart Car. It all began when Daimler sought the expertise of Tesla on battery packs and incorporate it to their Smart product line. The end result is the first prototype of the Smart fortwo which was unveiled in an auto show.

The compact car was equipped with the version 1.0 motor and gear box from the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla battery packs powering the Smart fortwo is encased in a black metal cover and is smaller than the Tesla Roadster models are using. But it is said to be able to power the Smart fortwo for 100 miles. Although the Smart fortwo is still in its early stages before hitting the production line, electric cars enthusiasts are waiting to get their hands on the Tesla powered Smart fortwo and push the pedal on the metal the green way.

While waiting for that, we stumbled upon some bargain Smart Cars and accessories for you.

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