Telly Terminate – The Pocket Sized Universal Remote

Zzzzz…There you go again! Falling asleep with the television still blabbing. Why so? Because you’re too lazy to grab the remote on the center table and turn it off before dozing off. Geezz. Haven’t you heard about this cute gadget yet – the one which can virtually terminate any television? It’s called Telly Terminate – the pocket sized universal remote.
Unlike the ordinary remote of your TV, the Telly Terminate is small enough to attach to your keys and keep in your pocket so when it’s time for you to turn the TV off, it’s always ready wherever you are. No more sleeping over boring documentaries or news that talks about the slipping economy over and over. With this gadget, you can conveniently turn off your television without the need to stand up to grab the remote or ask someone to do it for you.

But do you know that the Telly Terminate is not only designed to turn off one television, but also two or more? You pass by the living room and you see the television is on without anyone watching, then turn it off with this universal remote. Or if you feel like doing something funny, like spoiling the moment while your mom and sister are crying over a scene in a drama series, again use the remote to turn the TV off. For sure, they’ll go frantic why it suddenly went into standby mode.

You can actually do more pranks than you can imagine with this pocket sized universal remote. And nobody will know it’s you because when you do get asked about that little gadget you have there, you can always say that the Telly Terminate is a tiny light you carry with you as it also features a LED torch. But of course, as much as possible, make use of this for personal use or simply just for fun.

Where to get one? Telly Terminate is available here.

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