Television Just Got Personal with FLO TV

flotvIf you’re not yet familiar with FLO TV, it is either you’re not interested in “on-the-go” idea of watching TV programs on your phone or in your car and second is that, if you have an uber sized TV sitting right in your home and watching it on such a puny screen would mean insult to you. We cannot do anything on the latter (since like a 60″ LCD TV is really envious) but with the first one, you might get interested actually.

You might not be a TV geek but you have fun watching television programs. However, it always happens that you are outside of your home doing some paper works when you’re favorite show is being aired. Yeah you could always record your show using a TiVo but it would be much better if you can watch it wherever you are. That is where the FLO TV Personal Television comes into play.

The FLO TV personal television plays your favorite news, live sports, children’s programming and entertainment all in one device. From ESPN Live all the way to Nickelodeon are all covered with  the $8.99 per month service on this device. Each personal television would sell for $249 each. The device itself has a 3.5″ screen that is very similar to the iPhone. Its sides are 4.4 inches by 3 inches by .5 inches and weighs just over 5 ounces which is light enough to be carried. The controls are all located “inside” the software since it is a touch screen device for easy navigation.

So what are you waiting for? Make TV viewing personal with FLO TV Personal Television PTV 350. Click the link to purchase yours.

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