Tekken 6 Wireless Arcade Stick


I can remember when I was a child that playing games would mean sliding down some tokens on the arcade machines. Those arcade machines were like the epitome of old school gaming to me and definitely most of nostalgic gamers around the world. Though the popularity of the arcade machines has definitely dwindled even in Japan due to the popularity of console gaming, portable gaming and even mobile gaming. But even with the advent of console gaming, the fun of playing using some arcade stick and buttons can still materialize and in style!

The official Tekken 6 Wireless Fighting Stick from Hori will surely make some arcade dreams come true in modern age! This controller is wireless so you can kiss your regular wired controllers goodbye. It can be used on both PS3 and Xbox and is preferably used on Tekken. Though playing this controller isn’t limited to one game, it would still be fun to play it with Tekken as the design on the panel makes you just want to bash the buttons and kill your opponent and make him leave the scene.

There are some packages available for this controller. One is the cool Samurai pack which comes with Cardboard Tube Samurai skin for Yoshimitsu and 40 Samurai Battle Banners that can be used to customize the characters in the game making the experience go up a notch. Be sure to have this cool controller pre-ordered at Amazon for $149.99 so you will be the few ones to get it first this October when it gets available nationwide.

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