Tape Express – Converts Old Cassette Tapes into MP3 Files Instantly

Cassette tapes were long gone since the introduction of digital gadgets such as the CD players and the MP3 players. Although you can still see them around your house, chances are you have left them untouched for quite some time now because you find listening to MP3 files more convenient. But hey, do you know that you can convert those old cassette tapes into MP3 files in an instant? All you need is this ingenious gadget known as the Tape Express.


The Tape Express allows you to convert all your old cassettes to MP3 format. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to bring back all those old favorites of yours like the songs of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Beatles yet you don’t have that old cassette player anymore. So, what’s left for you to do is to search for them online and see if there are MP3s available. But why go through so much hassle if you can convert those cassette tapes into MP3 files instantly? All you have to do is to use the EZ Tape Converter software to get started. After that, simply plug the Tape Converter into your computer via a USB cable, play your favorite songs, and that’s it – they’ll be converted in no time.

Listening to your old cassettes does not have to rely on a cassette player alone. With the Tape Express music converter, you can now upload the MP3 format to your iPod or other MP3 players. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Tape Express and start converting those old cassette tapes now!

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