Talking Bug Identifier for Your Little Taxonomist

Ahhh toddlers. They are so innocent with their big eyes staring endlessly at things that interest them. However, when they start growing into kids, they love playing in the garden, touch this and that, and even try to put things in their mouth. While it is good to let kids explore the ecosystem that your garden has, bugs roam free and their inquisitive nature won’t stop them from bugging you (pun intended) what are those bugs that they see. Well, let them know for themselves what those creepy crawlies are and develop their analytical skills in the process with the Talking Bug Identifier.identifier

The Talking Bug Identifier from Spark is your kid’s handy dandy tool for discovering those tiny bugs that roam around. All your kid has to do is to point the magnifying glass with 2x magnification towards the insect and press the question button. The bug identifier will then ask series of questions which your child has to answer with a simple yes or no using the corresponding buttons on the handle. By answering the yes or no questions, the bug identifier zeroes in on what bug your child is looking at. It also has a special alarm that goes off when dangerous bugs are found. Aside from identifying, this gadget also has 400 fun trivia and science facts!

Each set contains the bug identifier, a field guide with photos, facts, and trivia, a full-color parent’s lab assistant guide, and three practice toy insects.

Get one here now.

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