Take Your Weight Loss Goal to a Whole New Level with BodyTrace

And so finally, you’re back on track of monitoring your weight, huh? That’s great news! But how do you do that now? Still using the same old weighing scale – measure your body weight, jot it down or simply memorize, then measure again after a couple of days or so to see if there’s any progress? Oh come on, there’s a better way to do that! With all these latest gadgets being introduced in the market, why settle on the traditional way of tracking your weight loss progress? You can always take advantage of them. And start now by using the BodyTrace eScale and Website – the bathroom scale and website that allows you to take your weight loss goal to a whole new level. BodyTrace-eScale-sends-your-weight-online

Unlike your ordinary weighing scale, the BodyTrace eScale and Website is a complete package – as the eScale measures your weight, it will then upload it wirelessly and display it at the BodyTrace Website. Cool, right? No need to jot it down for your own record, the Website will actually do that for you. In fact, it can do more. The Website allows you to create a profile, add friends, and share your weight loss progress, exercise ideas, and healthy recipes through its motivational interface. That’s right! You do not only get to motivate yourself as you see your progress but you also motivate others as they see what you have achieved so far. But then again, you can also choose to keep your profile private if you want.

The BodyTrace eScale and Website is really the scale of the future. Isn’t it amazing to see your progress in one site? Where else can you find that? Now, choose your digital body scale here.

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