Tabletkiosk a7330D and TufTab a7230XD

img_eo_bannerBoth a7330D and a7230XD specialize in skills where traditional tablet notebooks haven’t gone before. First is the usage of an Intel Atom z530P processor offering long battery life, allows smaller construction while still offering computer power enough to run applications to maximize productivity.

A tablet with a modular design can best describe the a7330. It might look like a common 7″ tablet netbook but it can be used not only for addressing numerous traditional computing needs like working on spreadsheets, documents and presentations but also on specialized industrial functions. With the modular design, additional components can be installed like a magnetic strip reader, barcode reader etc for maximum customization and flexibility.

The TufTab a7230XD on the other had is a rugged 7″ tablet netbook that offers exceptional durability levels where traditional netbook cannot attain. This can be used in different scenarios where the harsh environmental elements cannot be avoided such as dust, moisture or wind are always present.

Both tablet ultraportables has dual-mode screen where it can switch between resistive touch screen mode and for pen use or active digitizer input. Another feature of the screens is being able to be outdoor viewable. This makes the screen still very much viewable even when the sun is facing directly on it. Dual hot swappable batteries assure that there will be no downtime while computing since you can charge one battery while still using the other and when the one you’re using gets out of juice, the other battery can be used. There is also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

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