T-Qualizer Shirt


Love the nightlife? Love to boogie? Make sure you show your moves and grooves in this happening one-of-a-kind get-up. You’ll definitely be the life of the party when you pose around as a funky human equalizer machine. And this T-Qualizer Shirt can unleash your inner geek…in style of course!

This shirt is powered by 4 AAA batteries so weight wouldn’t be an issue. Of course washing it wouldn’t be a problem since the battery pack is also removable, though you can only hand wash the shirt. The equalizer functions by “listening” to the ambient music or noise around you, so clapping or shouting would also activate the equalizer bars. Different sound frequencies would also affect different equalizer bars. This neat feature enables your shirt to act like a genuine equalizer, showing thumps and bars in beat with the music.

The price for this party clothing is $39.99. Not really cheap for a shirt but on the lighter side, this is a real conversation starter in a party full of people. In the spirit of true geek chic, this is a shirt to wear!

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